What We Do

We have a unique business combination and broad coverage in blockchain ecosystem, including venture capital investment, high-performance computing, and digital asset management. We bring value-added insights, operate distributed computing networks, and connect mainstream capital with the new asset class.


Fundamental Labs is a leading venture capital firm focused exclusively on blockchain tech, digital infrastructure, and open finance network.


We provide investment management solutions across all major digital assets to a diverse set of institutional and individual clients. As the bridge between traditional investors and digital assets, IDEG is committed to preserving and growing our clients' assets in a compliant and secure way.


Atlas maintains an extensive computing network and digital infrastructures in multiple countries and regions across North America, North Europe and Middle Asia. The distributed operation brings boundless growth potential to the company, thus placing Atlas in a truly unique position in this industry in addition to the business expansion, Atlas also helps in creating more job opportunities locally along with the long-standing commitment to advancing initiatives across ESG topics. It aims to empower the digital future with an anti-fragile network.