CTH Outlined Future for Web3 with Global Leaders in the PRIORITY Summit

On March 30-31, 2023, Dr. Guang Yang, Vice Chairman of the CTH Group and Atlas Technology, participated in the global PRIORITY summit hosted by the Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute in Miami.

With this year’s theme “A Roadmap for Humanity in Challenging Times”, Dr. Guang Yang and global leaders such as Matteo Renzi, Former Prime Minister of Italy, Jenny Johnson, President & CEO of Franklin Templeton discussed topics like climate change, poverty, and immigration to move from the research stage to the full-developed real-world solutions.

Dr. Guang Yang outlined future measures and next steps for the innovative Web3 technology sphere, “The key going forward with Web3 is that we need to invest more in the infrastructure at all three layers: at the physical layer, the protocol layer, as well the compliance layer.”

The FII Institute is a global non-profit organization with an investment arm and one agenda: Impact on Humanity. Launched in 2019, the Institute has published various reports, hosted many international platforms, and launched several initiatives and projects to create a more sustainable future for humanity.

PRIORITY summit is designed as a platform for understanding humanity's needs, wants, and expectations—then engaging in a discussion aimed at prompting action and finding solutions that will help leaders across the world to address the number one priority for each segment of society.