Atlas Partners With Stratos to Power Global Decentralized Network

SINGAPORE, May 19, 2022 - Atlas Technology Management Pte (Atlas), the Singapore- headquartered technology group and one of the world's largest next-generation computing infrastructure-as-a-service providers, announces the strategic partnership with Stratos to expand worldwide network footprint. This long-term partnership holds special promise for the decentralized infrastructure sector.

Atlas is a global blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service group that offers a broad range of value- added services, including distributed high-performance computing, node infrastructure, networking, hardware, API support and storage for the Web 3 ecosystem.

At the core of this collaboration is establishing a global computing network, thus achieving more powerful and sustainable node services for the Stratos network globally.

Raymond Yuan, Founder and Chairman of Atlas, said, “We believe infrastructure as a service empowers the Web3 world. We're very excited to work with Stratos to support the decentralization for Web3 and enhance long-term robustness of the Web3 ecosystem.”

"We need a strong network partnership if Stratos is to advance the decentralization for Web3 and Metaverse. By forming this partnership with Atlas, we strengthen Stratos network capabilities by adding enterprise-level distributed computing infrastructure," said Bin Zhu, Founder of Stratos.

As a pioneer of decentralization, Atlas positions strategically to lead the migration of computing infrastructure from Web2 to Web3. Stratos data mesh as the next generation fully decentralized architecture is a fundamental technology of this digital economy.

The Stratos and Atlas partnership will initially focus on:

  • Deploy 3 types of nodes (Blockchain Node, Meta Node, SDS Node) to cover 3 layers of consensus and provide high-performance blockchain service and storage service to the blockchain industry and traditional industry.
  • Offer decentralized CDN services to speed up video, music, NFT, and other digital content delivery performance.

Atlas will play a crucial role in building Stratos decentralized infrastructure as an ecosystem partner and node provider, thanks to its multifaceted experience and established leadership in the infrastructure-as-service industry.