IDEG’S Quant Arbitrage Offers Crypto De-Risk Options for Global Investors

TORTOLA, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, May 19, 2022 – IDEG Asset Management Limited (IDEG), a professional digital asset manager, has unveiled its IDEG Quant Arbitrage service which aims to help crypto investors maximize return with a risk-off strategy in face of the current volatile bear market for digital assets around the world.

With risk and uncertainty levels at all-year highs, arbitrage could provide a lower-risk strategy with no delta exposure. IDEG’S Quant Arbitrage offers a crucial de-risk option for professional and institutional investors as IDEG builds a complete array of investment tools to address all needs in the rapidly-evolving digital asset class. As cryptocurrencies mature, investors seek more varied strategies and methods aiming to gain from their trading activities – with arbitrage increasingly favored in recent times.

Managed through IDEG’s market-leading automated trading platform, investors can capture arbitrage opportunities at high speeds. IDEG will apply a market-neutral strategy to capitalize on price inefficiencies across digital asset markets, including both spot and derivatives. The arbitrage is driven primarily by algorithms based on statistical analysis and quantitative modeling.

“The always-on global nature of digital assets creates significant arbitrage opportunities for investors but differing exchange policies, transaction speeds and costs, and regulatory hurdles all pose risks to the successful and profitable application of arbitrage. IDEG’s market-leading automated trading and risk control algorithms ensure arbitrage execution at high speeds as geographic location, time of day, and even different news cycles can all move asset prices. We will also help investors capture opportunities via a diversified basket of digital assets with deep liquidity which is the key to high-frequency arbitrage,” said Emma Hu, Head of Product Development, IDEG.

IDEG offers a unique array of capabilities to provide greater investor confidence when seeking ways to maximize arbitrage opportunities:

  • Sophisticated Trading Platform: An automated trading platform as well as automated trading and risk control algorithms to capture arbitrage opportunities at high speeds.
  • Enhanced Returns: Market neutral statistical arbitrage trading and transaction fees optimization through collaboration with leading global exchanges.
  • Varied Arbitrage Strategies: Funding Rates Arbitrage, Spot-deliverable Futures Arbitrage, Cross-Exchange Arbitrage and Option Arbitrage.
  • Low transaction fees: Most transactions via Binance, where IDEG is prioritized with the highest VIP 9 category, with access to the lowest transaction fees possible – a critical success factor in arbitrage execution.

All trading activities are professionally managed with third party custodied exposure to digital asset investments and seize on market opportunities, managed through IDEG’s market-leading compliance, risk and internal controls processes.