Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) are factors integrated into CTH’s core value proposition, and we carry out tangible practices on a day-to-day basis.

Environmental concerns are standing in the center stage of the current global economics.

The threat of climate change and the depletion of resources has grown, CTH is constantly factoring sustainability issues into its development strategy. “How to improve the contribution of clean energy, how to reduce the waste of energy supplies, and how to introduce the concept of PUE are topics that everyone needs to think about” quoted Raymond Yuan, the Founder. CTH’s computing infrastructure (“Atlas”) commits to a long-term goal of 100% carbon-free. Through a sequence of recently completed projects, more than 50% of Atlas’ working center consumes only clean energy now. Though In the short term, enterprise costs will increase, in the long term, environment protection is a major responsibility of the enterprise, which is included in Atlas' vision and mission.

As a global firm, we are endorsing local communities through job creation, charity, and various Social contributions. We honor diversity. It's the only way of leading us toward the prosperity of our organization and the success of our individuals. Our recruitment has been carried out in North America, Central Asia, and South-East Asia. We are planning further expansion to North European and South America.

We are placing a high focus on enhancing our corporate Governance. On the aspect of management structure, we are constantly enhancing our internal procedures and controls. On the governance of financials, we emphasize transparency and integrity. Last but not least, we care about our people, invest in them, and cultivate them – this is the core theme built into our employment relation principles.