Our People

Ian Stirling

Group Chief Communications Officer

Hongkong, China


The joy of working at CTH Group is knowing that each day you are given the opportunity to incite results in the organization alongside a network of smart, talented and hungry colleagues who have been empowered to do the same. Everyone is excited to be a gamechanger.

As a trailblazing organization, every day is an opportunity to learn and to make an immediate impact. We all share a mission to see the companies grow and prosper, and by extension are driving change towards the new digital economy through our products and services.

It’s incredible to be at the heart of building new businesses in a new and transformative sector.

Witnessing the growth of an entire ecosystem through the entrepreneurs of our VC portfolio companies; to building the computing infrastructure that is creating value and networking the new economy; and designing new products to allow greater participation in this value creation is revolutionary.