Our People

Dinara Sholayeva

Human Resources Manager

Almaty, Kazakhstan


Computing infrastructure is a fast-growing industry around the world, especially in the CIS region.

When I joined Atlas, the only employee in Kazakhstan was the General Manager who was tasked with kickstarting the company’s newest operations. We had a challenge to hire technical teams across two existing farms under tight and uncompromising deadlines. We succeeded in our mission with the great support from HQ and the “can do” attitude from all involved.

We evolved a strategy to find the best available talent which included recruiting candidates already in the industry alongside those with exceptional IT and Automation experience across CIS. With robust train the trainer programs, we were able to scale very rapidly as well as empower the teams to take accountability and pride in their success.

With the market continuing to expand and new competition entering the landscape, my attention is focused on strengthening our employee retention program and offering pathways for continuous learning and advancement. I am immensely proud of the speed at which we have developed and the high performance the team operates at. I look forward to welcoming more new members to the Atlas team as we continue to grow in the CIS region and beyond.