About Us

The CTH Group is a leading company in the blockchain and digital asset ecosystem. Following a distinctive strategy, we have a triangular business structure including venture capital investment, high-performance computing, and digital asset management. We bring value-added insights, operate distributed computing networks, and connect mainstream capital with the new asset class. Founded in 2016, our company has footprints across multiple countries and regions, covering the major innovation centres in the blockchain ecosystem.

Our Mission And Values

Our mission is to enable a great migration to the digital future and create unparalleled growth by fundamental innovation.

We stand with the most visionary pioneers and entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry, accelerate innovation and application, and choose to believe what only a few dare to believe.

Our Culture


San Francisco, U.S.
Austin, U.S.
New York, U.S.
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Hongkong, China
Oslo, Norway
Seoul, Korea
Miami, U.S.